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  • What can Opticals Kerala offer to you ?

              The portal stands as a directory for optical shops in Kerala and stands as a one-of-a-kind value propositions. This value added solution brings a complete branding experience with location search allowing brands and shops to dominate with style and sophistication. Information and inventory features of the portal depict a Spectacular Network- the first to build a platform for optical ventures. This medium helps showcase your product and brand, the exclusive stage is set to target the right audience. –So, showcase your product and bring it to life- can deliver direct as it has immediate access to your target audience. The shopper segment will notice your branded advertisements as the web provides ‘can’t miss zones’ bringing life to your products. Interact with trading partners to negotiate deals, receive and make responses to the live offers and enquiries.

              TheAntz being the authorised associates of All Kerala Optical Association, brings forward this portal understanding the needs of the members of this association and the benefits that could be reaped. The members of AKOA are registered on the association and are brought on to for the sole purpose of generating business. Both the websites are interlinked. “TheAntz” are the facilitators of the platform, they stand proud being experienced people on this field. The stage is all set to collectively perform adopting premium standards of honesty reliability and dedication. “TheAntz” has a huge clientele and viewership from a couple of its ,,, etc